THE CAMP 2016 - International Bikepolo Tournament

Vom 5. August bis zum zum 8. August findet zum zweiten Mal auf dem Gelände des ERC Hannover ein internationales Bikepolo Turnier statt. Organisiert von der Bikepolo Sparte des ERC.

32 Teams werden an 2 Tagen (Samstag und Sonntag) um den Titel THE REAL GANG OF THE CAMP des Jahres 2016 kämpfen.

Während am Samstag ausschließlich Gruppenspiele stattfinden, um ein Ranking auszumachen, werden am Sonntag alle Teams in einer Doubelelimations ihr spielerisches Können auf höchsten internationalen Niveau darstellen.

Im letzten Jahr waren Teams aus ganz Europa gekommen. Für dieses Jahr hoffen wir auch auf Teams aus Übersee.



Happy poloscouts all around the world:

The wild pigs are coming from the woods of northern Germany to bring you some good news.

They want you to get your adventure-gear ready, darn your tents and join THE CAMP 2016

2 Courts 32 Teams 2 days of bike polo Camping on courtside Good times,

fuck yesss!

Exactly on year ago we hosted the first CAMP, our annual international bike polo tournament on our beautiful campsite in Hannover.

This year, from 05/08 till 07/08 we will open our gates again to every poloscout’s dreamland. THE CAMP offers two hockey rings with lights, a clubhouse with toilets and showers and, of course, on-site camping for all you dirt-hunting boys and girls!

As it will probably be quite hot in wild Hannover at this time of the year, you’ll be glad to hear that there is a canal very nearby to cool down your hot heads.

Hell yeah!

The main tournament will take place on Saturday and Sunday, courts and campsite are opened from Friday till Monday.

The exact format of THE CAMP has not been decided yet, but we will try to give every team a good amount of court-time and choose a fair and exciting way to find out who will be the REAL GANG OF THE CAMP this year.

We are also concerned about good and constant reffing during the games, but we are still discussing how to ensure this. We will keep you updated on these topics.

Tournament fee will be € 60 per team, including a delicious breakfast on all days, that will be personally picked and hunted by the Bikepolo Hannover Scout Brigade. To make sure to get you all fueled to make it over these long hot days in the wild to the evening pick-ups, there will be other delicious meals, snacks, coffee and drinks, that you can buy cheaply or swap against valuable adventure items. Also, there will be a big BBQ grill on site for all you wicked hunters and also some supermarkets nearby for the pickers.

You might ask: „How do I get to this heavenly-sounding thing called THE CAMP?“ Here is the answer: Just register your team on JUNE 2nd between 19:00 and 20:00 o’clock CET (GMT +1) by following the link on the left bar and be lucky in the team-draw.

We will give you more detailed information on the registration and our drawing-of-the-teams-process soon.

But make sure to carve the date into your tent post or smartphone! We are looking forward to seeing you all at THE CAMP 2016, where the GOOD TIMES await you!


Oink oink, Your THE CAMP crew! / Your Hannover Bikepolo Scout Brigade!